Sunday, March 23, 2014

Release joke Unsaturated


A young teacher who was recently tried to open a cupboard which contains teaching supplies .

He had been told the combination to the cabinet , but he forgot . Finally she went to the pastor 's study to ask for help .

The priest came to the utility room and tried off the combination . After playing the first two numbers priest hesitated .

Finally he looked up and solemnly his mouth to say something . Then he again looked into the combination lock and without hesitation he slipped off the combination and unlock it .
The young teacher was amazed , " I really admire the pastor . "
" Actually, it's nothing , " replied the priest , " No. I paste in the ceiling . "


One day a friend of mine came to the church . As usual the priest stood in front of the door to greet his people . 

When the priest greets my friend pulled him aside .

The priest told him , " You need to join the Army GOD . "
My friend replied , " But I 've joined . "
The priest asks , " How can I see you in church only at Christmas and Easter . "

My friend whispered , " I work in the intelligence service , Sir. "